The fight against climate change is accelerating and among the major emitters of CO2, the transport sector is undoubtedly the one on which actions must focus, here and now. Excluding heavy transportation and delivery, Statistics Canada data tells us that a majority of citizens use their motor vehicle for their daily travel, particularly to get to work. This situation is all the more true in regions where the public or active transport offer is less developed, or even non-existent.

The Ebgo Network is a concrete response to these concrete problems. As the models currently developed for large cities are difficult to apply to regional reality, we are putting forward a simpler, less expensive approach that offers more flexibility to users and partners who are members of the network.

Whether you are an MRC, a municipality, a tourist attraction, a host or simply an employer who wants to have a greater impact on the health of its employees and our planet? Take action today and be part of the solution.

A proven European technology, with several tens of thousands of users and journeys per year:

+ Short preparation time

+ Ease of installation, without the need for additional electrical or technical infrastructure

+ Modular system with expansion capacity

+ Compatibility with several types of bikes offered by Distrik

+ Easy to manage via the integrated application, in 24/7 mode

Foolproof charging stations

+ Flexible and modular configuration

+ Charging and secure parking in closed mode

+ Charging and secure parking for other electric bikes

+ Secure parking for mechanical bicycles (optional)

+ Smart storage lockers for rental equipment (optional)

A tailor-made mobile application

+ Complete technological application, focused on the user experience and designed for the operator

+ Location, reservation, transaction and navigation

+ Monetization, geolocation and activation-deactivation of bikes

+ Primary system by mobile application, secondary system by user card (RFID)

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